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Blue Button® is a standard format for storing medical records. It was initially implemented during the Obama administration in 2010 and now boasts over one million users and growing rapidly. Ask your physician(s) if they support it. Blue Button makes it easy to access your medical records online. You can share them with different physicians saving you from filling out all those forms with the same information over and over again, along with many other benefits.

Blue Button Explorer® will give you a "smart" medical report that looks at all the blood results and compares them with normal healthy values and warns you about ones that are out of range. Then it gives you more info on what problems down the road that might cause if you don't get it fixed. And rather than tables of data, the biomarkers in your blood tests are displayed in historical plots overlaid with normal healthy limits. This allows you to easily spot or monitor developing trends - good or worrisome - over time. The program also looks at your vaccination history and warns you when it's time for a booster.

Even better, you can choose to upload your medical data (excluding any personal info) to a server. This allows you to see how your data compares with everyone else's. As the database grows, our goal is for data analysis software to crunch the numbers and provide statistics on the number of people with similar data sets who developed a disease or other condition down the road. This may or may not indicate you will get the same condition but at least it gives you a heads up to research it further. Powerful information!

Microsoft HealthVault lets you gather, store, and share health information online.

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